Walls & Memories



Robert Moran


Les Murs Memoires - Ophelia

Painter, Sculptor

Le Jour du Depart

< Ophélia
(40 figures)

The Day of the Departure >
(60 figures)

Robert Moran, after many years in Paris, established his workshop in Provence

Robert Moran Robert Moran took part in many particular exposures in galleries and collective exposures in the shows in France, in Japan and the USA.

The painter is present in private collections in Germany,
England, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Oman, the USA.


Teknos (Editions the Workshop of Onze), many articles of press, reviews of Art, monthly magazines, weekly magazines and daily newspapers.
Teknos movy

A movy by Marielle Lariaga

CLC Productions-Lyon 1997-
*Available in cassette VHS Secam

Robert Moran, Creator of the review Techniques of Arts, is the author of technical works >

Secrets de Peintre *Secrecies of painter Le Dessin *The Drawing
Deliver tested pictorial techniques and new concepts... Deliver devoted to all the techniques and all the tools of the drawing...
Gravure *The Teknos Jeux de Lgnes Walls & Memories
The Gramosiglophone
Known for his Greek and Breton landscapes ,
Robert Moran acquired a great notoriety with this series.
Modern and original work, criticizes modern technocracy,
Moran, nicknamed, Kafka of painting by the historian of art Yann Pichon...
Play of Lines

Ancient walls are like memories.
My paintings are old walls and memories when all is disappearing or nothing is left.
Men let there, years after years, centuries after centuries, the best of them : love, art and poetry.

Everybody can read these hieroglyphs.


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