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The  harmony of color

Alferio Maugeri is a French painter who was born in Aci San Antonio (Sicily) in 1933. It's there that, still very young, he was entrusted with the restoration of churches in the tradition of Michelangelo and the Masters of the Renaissance.  
During this period he has developed his skills in 'trompe l'il', imitation marble, gold leaf and enhancement of religious frescos.  
Perfect technical mastery allows him to create his own pigments.  

 Alferio Maugeri 
Today Alferio Maugeri is a member of 'Arts, Sciences et Lettres' of Paris, and his painting benefits from a real international renown.  
His personal style, by the lightness of his brushwork eliminates the superfluous and the violent and introduces the viewer to universe of light and color. 
Alferio Maugeri's paintings were exhibited throughout the world: Milan, New York, Geneva, Osaka, Tokyo, and have at each time exerted magnetic attraction and fascination.  
His pieces also form parts of some well-known private collection.  

The painting workshop is in Bougival (W de Paris-France-Europe)