*Marie-Anne Gavrel-Peloni

french flagus flagMarie-Anne Gavrel-Peloni


painted since 1985

1985, Attends the workshop of Pierre Magnin in l'Aigle (fr)

1990, move in Honfleur where she follows the courses of the Blaugain Academy, exposes to the gallery "Encre Bleue" street of Homme de Bois, exposes to the salon d'Automne in Paris

1993, exposes to the international show of Deauville... exposes to the Halle aux Toiles in Paris.

1994, Professors with the Académie Polette et Maillet in Trouville, exposes to the Crédit Agricole of Trouville

1995, Attends the Académie Centa in Caen

1992 to date resides part of the year at Mazille where she works the landscapes

1998, Exposes to the restaurant Sainte Catherine in Honfleur of work on Honfleur


Marie-Anne Gavrel-Peloni
3, rue d'Homme de Bois
14600 Honfleur France Europe